About the Durham Light Blues

The Durham Light Blues Club is available for anyone to become a member, as long as you do not hold a provincial rank and are in good standing with your lodges(s) that are within the Province of Durham.

The club has been created to bring Masonry back to its core principles, and to help brethren who are wearing light blue to have a fuller, and more well-rounded experience. It provides a way for newer masons to meet brothers who are likely going through similar experiences, e.g. going through a ceremony, visiting for the first time, taking your first step on the ladder, or preparing for the chair.

We organise a range of events - including group visiting to other lodges, charitable outreach within local communities, and social events, which all members are invited to enjoy.

Membership is free so please contact us if you wish to be involved.

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Message from the Chairman

I am the Chairman of the newly formed Durham Light Blues Club. I have been a mason for more than eleven years now. I was initiated into Haven of Rest Lodge No. 4350, Hartlepool, in the South of the Province in 2007. I instantly took to masonry and quickly tried my hand at ritual. I worked my way through the progressive floor officer positions, and sat in the Chair of King Solomon in 2013. Since coming out the chair I have held active roles within my lodge including both Assistant, and Director of Ceremonies. I also hold other roles within province, as I am currently the Area South Memberships Officer.

I enjoyed masonry and was familiar with its set up before joining the craft from working voluntarily at the Masonic Hall in Hartlepool behind the bar. I joined as a Lewis (my father proposed me) after finishing university - and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It is a fantastic organisation that does untold good both 'at home' and abroad.

I would like all members of this wonderful fraternity to gain as much as they can from it, which is why the concept of the Durham Light Blues was envisaged the way it was... to have fun! So if you are reading this and can relate to the following scenarios...

  • is a once a month mason
  • doesn't know how to go about visiting or has no one to visit with
  • would like something extra on the social side of it
  • would like to do more fun charity events with brothers but don't know how to get involved
  • has been in a few years and perhaps doesn't connect with some of the brethren in the lodge
  • has just come out of the chair and is feeling a bit lost
Then the Durham Light Blues is the group that will help you! We hope to see you at one of the many events and gatherings soon to take place around the province over the upcoming year.

Matthew Pearce

Meet The Committee

The committee are responsible for the overall running of the Durham Light Blues and organising of events for its members. We meet regularly and welcome new talent who want to help us on this journey. If you see any of us out and about the province and want to learn more about the light blues then we'll all be happy to have a conversation!

Matthew Pearce

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